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Fork in the Road Cabins specializes in designing and building compact getaway shelter for your backyard or back forty. A mini cabin is more of a want than a need...until you actually have one. Then you discover how much you need to spend time there. We use one of ours (in the back forty) for both a hunting cabin and a weekend respite from the demands of elder care we provide one of our parents. Another, in the backyard, serves as an office/model. Prayer hut, man cave, she shed...whatever you call it or whatever its use, we love building them, and we'd love to build one (or two) for you!


In case  your number one question is "How much?", here are some rough pricing estimates. While each cabin is different, these should get you in the ballpark:

A simple, uninsulated three-season "solitude shack" with a 5' x 7' footprint, a door and two windows (just big enough for an easy chair and a good book or laptop computer) could be yours for about $2,800. Insulation for year-round use bumps up the price by about $300.

An insulated 8' x 10' with four windows and a sleeping loft: About $8,900

A 12' x 16' with small privacy room, six windows, cabinets & countertop, and sleeping loft: About $20,000

Naturally, your choices in siding, roofing, floor covering and interior finishing will impact the final price. Options such as solar electric power or venting for a gas or wood stove are extra. And delivery beyond 175 miles from our location could require an upcharge.

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- Robert Frost

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